Tranimal (feat. Candy Apple Blue) - Single

by TV Movie

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"Tranimal" is a feel good song that is ultimately about showing love and respect to anyone that is brave enough to redefine themselves into something new or who they want to be whatever that may be, despite the outside pressures of society’s views on such things as dress, customs, sexuality and gender roles.

“Tranimal (feat. Candy Apple Blue)” is the first single release from TV Movie after a recent reformulation of the band with additions of Tim Ball on bass and Matt Kempf on drums. The band member additions are to James Amos on vocals and guitar, and Jacob Nida on guitar to form a new rock epic sound. The song is also a follow-up joint song writing adventure between TV Movie and Candy Apple Blue from Pittsburgh, PA, after the previous collaborative success of “Bad Days Are Gone (feat. Candy Apple Blue)”. The “Tranimal” project started with some general music rhythms, basic melodies, and vocal delivery ideas from James Amos, frontman of TV Movie. With a second collaboration in both Candy Apple Blue’s and TV Movie’s thoughts, James asked Carly Emerick from Candy Apple Blue if she would like to help develop the song. Carly loved the music structure and basic melody ideas, and already had a concept for a song called “Tranimal” in her mind that she believed would be perfect for the project. A song was born! After a few months of development of the song by both bands including a Candy Apple Blue version, the TV Movie version of the song was ready to be recorded. James from TV Movie took the primary engineering and producing role for the track in his own studio, called Sniff ‘N’ Skratch Studio. Despite the 170-mile separation between the two bands, through the process of internet postings to SoundCloud and uploading to an online data storage site called MyDrive, Candy Apple Blue was also able to listen, help engineer parts of the song, and share in the producing role. Professional mastering was brought to the track from Gordon Bahary from Right Touch Mastering, New York. Gordon has experience of over 40-years in the music industry and has been a part of 35 million albums sold. He has worked closely with legendary artists including Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Ramsey Lewis, Intro, Raven Symone, MC Lyte, Twilight 22 (Gordon produced/engineered/composed the blockbuster hits “Electric Kingdom” and “Siberian Nights”).


released 31 July 2014

Instrumentation and vocals on the track includes vocals by James Amos, Carly Emerick, and Hoyt Emerick. Guitars are by James Amos and Jacob Nida. Bass guitar is by Tim Ball and drums by Matt Kempf. Synthesizer and sequencing parts are by James Amos, inspied by parts written by Hugo Nida. Some equipment used on the track recording include an AKG C414 XL II condenser mic for vocals, Moog E1 Electric guitar, Fender Custom Shop 1958 Jazzmaster guitar, Egnater Rebel 30 Combo guitar amp with direct output, HDGR Ibanez Bass, Ultrabass Bx4500h Bass Amp Head with direct output, Pearl Pro Series drum kit, Beyerdynamics M201 microphone for the snare drum, Beyerdynamics M161 microphone for the high hat, AKG D12 VR mic for kick drum, Sennheiser E904 microphones for toms, Sennheiser E906 for the ride cymbal bell, AKG C1000s microphones for overhead drum microphones, and an AKG C414 condenser mic for the front of the drum kit microphone. Mixed by James Amos on Ableton Live.

Mastering by Right Touch Mastering, NY included these equipment items: API analog EQ, Shadow Hills mastering compressor, Weiss DS-1, Weiss EQ1-LP, Lavry Gold Quintessence D/A, Lavry Gold A/D, and Sequoia 12 software.

The song presented here is protected by copyright © under the law (title 17, US Code) and is exclusively owned by ASCAP & Harry Fox Agency affiliates MRIX MUZIK Publishing & Sniff 'N' Skratch Records.



all rights reserved


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TV Movie Mansfield, Ohio
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Epic rockin' bliss mixed with an electronic edge!!! TV Movie is composed of James Amos (vocals, guitar & sequencer, songwriter), Tim Ball (Bass, Songwriter), Jacob Nida (guitar) and Matt Kempf (drums). The idea of TV Movie started in 2008 while in Austin, TX, but has grown and matured in the North Central Ohio area. ... more

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Track Name: Tranimal (feat. Candy Apple Blue)
© 2013 MRIX MUZIK (ASCAP) Sniff 'N' Skratch Records (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved. Words & Music by
Carly Emerick, Hoyt Emerick, TV Movie
Verse 1:
You look great as we dance with the moon
Living in a euphoric state
Your hips shake, a surrealism dream,
An exaggerated girl on the make

Lead In:
You're all torn up on a Saturday night
A genderless lover freaky delight
Whoa o, tranimal tranimal

I'm so in love with a tranimal
(I'm so in love)
I'm so in love with a tranimal
(It's real enough)
Whoa o, tranimal tranimal
I'm so in love
(I'm so in love with a tranimal)
Really it's love
(I'm so in love with a tranimal)
Whoa o, tranimal tranimal

Post Chorus:
Dysmorphic hearts with an open mind
Beauty only we define

Verse 2:
You look great, yeah you're hooker street smart
A (higher archy) hierarchy of art
Off stage, you're a performance piece
A lieutenant in the dream police

Lead In 2:
You're a modern Warhol living dream
A superhuman ninja queen
Whoa o, tranimal tranimal

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Post Chorus)

I'm so in love with a tranimal
I'm so in love with a tranimal
I'm so in love with a tranimal
I'm so in love with a tranimal
Dysmorphic hearts with an open mind
Beauty only we define
Dysmorphic hearts with an open mind
Beauty only we define